As promised, we are making an announcement today about the future of Fabrik. We thought we would have a solid plan to let everyone know about today, but we are still waiting on a couple of items to make a definitive announcement.

Obviously, we would love to see Fabrik live on into Joomla 4, but we simply do not have a large enough team to take on the Fabrik 4 rebuild. We only have one developer that can work on Fabrik, and quite honestly, after over a decade of working on Fabrik, he is burned out and simply not interested in working on Fabrik any more, prefering to focus on new technology stacks. We did engage another developer part time during the J4 alpha stages, but after 6 months of J4 moving goal posts rendering that work useless, we decided to wait until things got more stable. Then the pandemic hit, what little revenue Fabrik was generating dried up entirely, and we didn’t have time or money to put into the Fabrik 4 branch. Our best estimation is that it would take a dedicated developer a year of full time effort.

So, we have been talking to many companies, mainly Joomla extension development companies, looking for the right team to take over the project and continue the Fabrik 4 for J4 rebuild. Unfortunately, we have had no luck yet, most Joomla companies are struggling to get their own extensions to Joomla and are hard pressed to spend money or resources on anymore Joomla development. We do have a couple of more companies that we are waiting on a final decision from, so we will have another update when we have more data. We also have a lovely channel of long term Fabrik users that have been a pleasure to work with and we have reached out to them as well to see if there was interest with any of them. If you are a company or team of developers that would be interested, please let us know, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Fabrik is and always has been open source. So, anyone is free to fork the project, and we have always encouraged people to do so, and they have over 400 times. We don’t have a large community, since Fabrik is rather niche, but we do have a great community and we do hope that we can find a team to move Fabrik to J4 for them. And, regardless, we will keep the project supported for J3 until it is end of life in August 2023.

Media A-Team